My personal website and portfolio.

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Please note that this is a placeholder site. This is not representative of the websites that I can create.

About Me

I’m a Junior computer science student in a specialty school in Arizona. I am nearly entirely self-taught, I spend most of my personal time programming, and occasionally playing games with friends. I value user experience, performance, maintainability and quality of code. I always try my best to write software the best way I know how to. I try by best to make clean, concise source code that will subsequently be maintainable in the future.

My favorite languages are D and Python. I have a love/hate relationship with JavaScript/CSS/HTML. I use preprocessors when it’s convenient.

My first real programming language was Java, with which I created my first Minecraft mod. I’ve since forgotten most of what I knew about it.

If you you value my work and would like to show your appreciation, please consider making a small donation!



No project is ever truly complete. If there are bugs, or important features that need to be fixed or added, I will do so. Many projects marked as “complete” are simply in a functioning state, which I would personally consider to be ready for public release.





Almost all of the forked repositories that I have contributed can be found in my “Forked Repositories” organization on GitHub (namespace spikespaz-forks). If the fork is dramatic enough to be considered a spin-off project, they will be hosted in my normal user account, spikespaz.

Some of these are Awesome Lists (curated lists of cool stuff relating to a topic). I try to add my projects (if they are worthy) to lists for visibility, to bring in more users and garner interest.




Project Date Description
Native Dark 06-26-2018 Rewrite the entire extension and make a polished v2.0